February 2, 2019

Check Your Air Filters

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Quick Tip Video: Check Air Filters for Operator and Equipment Safety

In Caterpillar® equipment, the air filter protects vital engine components from the dust and debris of the environments where we work every day. Because of this, it’s critical to both the health and safety of the operator, as well as to component life, to keep the air filter sufficiently clean and in good working order.

Watch the following quick tip video, in which a Caterpillar representative demonstrates how to inspect your Cat® equipment’s air filter.


Hi, my name’s Colin.

I’m here today to give you a quick tip on your CAT air filters.

Protecting your CAT equipment from everyday dirt created by the work environment is critical to component life and operator health and safety.

It’s important to check your engine air filter daily to ensure that it’s not plugged.

If you don’t check your engine air filter daily, you may receive a filter restriction warning or light on your display.

However, that means your air filter is already plugged.

CAT engine air filters create maximum protection of vital engine parts and optimum performance.

Are environmentally friendly.

Deliver the most advanced filtration available.

Provide longer service life and lower costs.

As always, refer to your operation and maintenance manual for more information.

That was today’s quick tip, thanks for watching.


Make Checking the Air Filter Part of Your Daily Routine

This video can serve as a training video for new personnel or as a part of a refresher course for existing personnel. This video shows how to access the air filter and how you can tell if it’s plugged. Plus, it explains that an air filter that’s in good working order contributes to optimum performance, ensures a longer service life and helps to keep maintenance costs low.

By checking the air filter daily to see if it’s plugged, you can avoid getting an air filter warning on your display. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that an air filter works best when it’s a little bit dirty, since a bit of dust and dirt caked onto the filter will make it work better. However, if your filter gets plugged, dust can get into the engine — and since dust has an abrasive quality, it can wreak serious havoc there, potentially even resulting in a dusted engine or blown turbochargers.

Clearly, a properly operating air filter can help avoid expensive repairs and costly downtime. For this reason, you should make checking it a part of your daily routine. Taking a couple of minutes every morning to be proactive and diligent can save you a lot of money and time further down the line.

Choose Altorfer Cat for All Your Equipment Preventative Maintenance

From heavy to compact equipment, it all needs ongoing preventative maintenance — even if it’s a world-class Cat machine. That’s why our Altorfer Equipment Management Solutions — EMSolutions — are so convenient. They allow you to set up a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan for your entire fleet. We also offer S.O.S. Fluid Analysis in order to analyze the condition of your vital fluids like oil, coolant and diesel fuel. Plus, we employ cutting-edge tools like VisionLinkTM and ProductLinkTM to remotely monitor the performance of your fleet in real-time. In the event of any red flags, we then notify you so you can take timely action.

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