Ag Customer Training

IMG_9124This year, let Altorfer come to you! Our new team of product support sales representatives (PSSR’s) provides customized, interactive, on-site training classes to maximize your operation’s productivity.

Altorfer Ag PSSR Brad Krutsinger provides some insight about these new training classes:

Q: What does the training entail?

“The main topics covered are the ViperPro/Viper4 controllers, dry fertilizer application and liquid application. We also have simulators setup for the ViperPro/Viper4 controllers. This allows hands on training with the same monitors that are being used in the customer’s equipment. This also allows us to go over real-life scenarios to help the customer utilize their equipment more efficiently.”

Q: What are the benefits of this style of training?

“The customized training allows us to focus more time and attention on what is important to the customer. The on-site training is another benefit to the customer due to the size of territories we cover. We are equipped to go to the customer’s location and have simulators and everything necessary to put on a quality training without the customer having to load up 4-5 trucks and send the attendees to one of our locations.”

Q: Is there a class size limit?

“We like to keep the class size to around 10 attendees. We found that this allows for more interaction.”

Q: How should a customer set up a training event?

“The easiest way to schedule a class is to contact your local PSSR for available dates.”

Q: What feedback have you heard from customers about these new training classes?

“The feedback has been very positive. We have the attendees fill out a survey at the end of each training. The common thing we’ve heard was they like the small class sizes. I think everyone finds it less intimidating to ask questions. It also allows us to spend more time going into detail with them on the questions they might have.”

Contact your location Altorfer Ag PSSR for more information and to schedule a customized training class today!