Rental & Lift Truck E-News – Employee Spotlight

It takes a high-performing team to deliver the best-in-class service our customers expect. At Altorfer, we thrive on the strengths of our team. We are proud of our employees and look forward to introducing a member of our team in each new issue of Altorfer Rents and Lift Truck E-News.  Meet this issue’s spotlight, Paul Schneider.


Altorfer Rents Sales Representative Paul Schneider celebrates 25 years of service at Altorfer Inc.

Spotlight on Paul Schneider

  • Q: What is your title at Altorfer?
  • A: Altorfer Rents Sales Representative covering Poweshiek, Iowa, Johnson and Cedar counties in Iowa.
  • Q: How long have you worked for Altorfer?
  • A: 25 years
  • Q: Where are you from?
  • A: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Q: Before working at Altorfer, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
  • A: Collection Work for Associates Commercial on Tractor Trailers in Chicago area. I worked with very interesting people and customers. I learned a lot coming there right out of college.
  • Q: What are your hobbies outside of work?
  • A: I enjoy hunting, fishing and following after my kids’ sporting events.
  • Q: Please tell us about your family.
  • A: My wife Jolyn is the Nurse Manager at the University of Iowa Burn Trauma Unit. Our oldest daughter, Jordan, is a Senior at Iowa State University, our middle daughter, Haley, is a Sophomore at the University of Iowa and our youngest daughter, Grace, is a Sophomore at Iowa City West High School.
  • Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Altorfer?
  • A: I like working for a family owned business.

Altorfer Rents and Lift Truck Employee Milestone Anniversaries

We are proud to congratulate the following employees on their Years of Services Milestone Anniversaries. Thank you for your loyalty to Altorfer Inc.!

Mark Lucas  |  East Peoria Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Aaron Tolander  |  W. Burlington Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Bob Lauss  |  East Peoria Rental Store  |  10 years of service
JB Smith  |  Cedar Falls Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Tim Edwards  |  W. Burlington Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Andrew Adler  |  East Peoria Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Kevin Miller  |  Cedar Falls Rental Store  |  10 years of service
Vicki Sigler  |  Davenport Lift Truck  |  20 years of service
Carolyn Stone  |  Davenport Lift Truck  |  20 years of service
David Courtney  |  Bettendorf Rental Store  |  25 years of service
Paul Schneider  |  Cedar Rapids Rental Store  |  25 years of service