March 29, 2013

ALPLA Inc. Chooses Altorfer Lift Trucks for Products and Services

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001_copyCost reduction, safety, and an increase in productivity are just a few of the benefits ALPLA Inc., one of the world’s leading packaging solutions companies, is experiencing since equipping their United States warehouses with electric Caterpillar Lift Trucks.

Based in McDonough, Georgia, ALPLA understands that quality products are essential to staying productive. This is why, with the help of the Georgia Caterpillar dealer Thompson Cat, ALPLA has implemented a strategy in the United States to streamline their warehousing operations into a standardized Caterpillar forklift technology.

ALPLA’s Iowa facilities were scheduled for restructure in 2013, and as the local Caterpillar lift truck dealer, Altorfer Lift Trucks built a relationship with the company to do just that. In recent months, Altorfer has been fortunate to provide sales and support for their new fleet, consisting of nine 2ET35000 Caterpillar sit-down three-wheel electric forklifts, one 2ET4000 Caterpillar sit-down three-wheel electric forklift, and two FBC18NS Mitsubishi stand-up counterbalance electric forklifts.

Following this restructure, ALPLA Senior Logistics Manager, Michael Schillaci, says the company has seen maintenance costs decrease and work area efficiencies increase.

“We immediately saw relief from our high maintenance costs by switching from LP to electric forklifts,” says Schillaci. “We have cut down on LP costs by going with electric forklifts, which we have set up for opportunity charging. This allows for quick swapping of equipment when we are very busy.”

Schillaci adds that new safety features on the forklifts help to improve work conditions and reduce risks involved with operation.

“The ergonomic and safety designs we have integrated into the equipment help us keep a safer and provide a more pleasant environment for our employees to operate in,” says Schillaci. “The new LED blue spot light also provides the added safety and extra lighting we need behind the lift since we frequently drive in reverse. And it doesn’t require replacement as frequently as conventional lighting, which makes the extra cost of the LED well worth it.”
Altorfer Lift Truck Sales Manager, Randy Benisch, says Altorfer looks forward to helping ALPLA maintain their fleet and decrease maintenance costs in the future.

“Ward Fulmer, our sales representative, is continuing to follow up on their maintenance costs,” says Benisch. “By working together with ALPLA’s Iowa City warehouse supervisors, Travis Smith and Kim Martin, we are able to help manage these expenses and offer insight on maintenance and safety features as they present themselves.”