October 8, 2015

Customer Spotlight – Clark Yeager

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Yellow Iron Runs Deep 

Southeast Iowa farmer Clark Yeager understands the importance of having equipment and service you can count on. This is one of the reasons why he recently purchased three new Challenger tractors from Altorfer.

Yeager became an Altorfer customer in 2007. “I bought a 1995 Challenger 85C tractor with 6,000 hours,” says Yeager. “We ran it for a year and all we did was change the oil – that’s pretty impressive.”

Since then, Yeager has made several upgrades to his line-up, which now includes two MT855C’s, an
MT755E, two MT645E’s, an MT665E, and a 2015 750TT LEXION combine.

Yeager’s new 750TT is his fourth LEXION combine, and is equipped with the CLASS exclusive TERRATRAC system. The innovative track system, available on Class 7 – 10 track combines, powers through mud, rugged terrain, and even standing water. The tracks on the LEXION 750TT track combine make it the fastest track combine in the world with a record-breaking road-speed of 25 mph.

“It’s a corn eating machine,” says Yeager.

Yellow Runs Deep
Yeager’s loyalty to the yellow iron is also seen through his impressive tractor line-up.

His latest additions, two MT645E’s and a MT665E, were manufactured at AGCO’s newly expanded plant
in Jackson, Minnesota. When the tractors were complete, Yeager enjoyed AGCO’s tractor delivery
experience called Fresh Metal. There he was given a tour of the factory and Intivity Center, AGCO’s visitors welcome center, and then took possession of his new tractors fresh off the line. A factory representative was even on hand to acquaint him with key features and operations of his machines.

Two bricks on the pavement outside the Jackson plant also now mark Yeager as the proud owner of
new Challenger tractors.

Dealer Support Seals the Deal

Yeager has been an Altorfer customer for nearly 10 years, and has yet to haul a piece of equipment to one of Altorfer’s service shops.

“I get a kick when my neighbors or friends ask where my dealer’s store is located and I say I don’t know! Then they ask me where I get my service and I tell them Altorfer does it at my farm!” says Yeager.

Altorfer’s service trucks are virtual repair shops on wheels, equipped with all the parts and tooling necessary for almost any job. With 39 highly skilled service technicians throughout the territory, Altorfer keeps customers up and running by performing repairs right there in the field.

Yeager also notes that Altorfer’s parts drop-boxes are very helpful. “There’s a parts drop-box about 10
miles down the road,” says Yeager. “There’s not even a John Deere dealer closer than that!”

With approximately 70 parts dropbox locations throughout the territory, customers can receive part orders in no more than 24 hours and a short drive away.