The Cat Flywheel UPS provides our highest efficiency continuous power solution (>97% efficient). This technology uses a power dense integrated flywheel, which stores sufficient energy to ride through power disturbances such as dips or surges in voltage and/or current. The stored power is immediately available for delivery to a critical load during a power disturbance. This system provides ample ride-through time and allows for an orderly walk-in of the generator set to assume the load for the duration of the disturbance. The integrated flywheel design is modular, supporting easy expansion to meet future power quality/power protection requirements
    The Cat Flywheel UPS delivers lower operating costs due to several factors, including lower maintenance and replacement costs, the space savings associated with a reduced footprint (up to 75% smaller than a battery based UPS system) and a yearly energy efficiency improvement of 4%.
    With the Flywheel UPS, you also benefit from reduced upkeep and maintenance, field-proven mechanical energy storage that is predictable and fail-safe, nearly unlimited life with no fall-off in performance and a broad operating temperature range up to 104° F. And this technology is environmentally friendly, posing no safety hazards to either your personnel or the environment.
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Technical Summary

Rated Power
300 kVA (240 kW) - 1200 kVA (960 kW)
System Efficiency
Up to 98%
Energy Storage

Standard Equipment

    • Flywheel energy storage
    • IGBT based Bi-directional converter
    • Integral modem - remote communication
    • Local Emergency Power Off (EPO)
    • Remote notification and monitoring via Ethernet and e-mail
    • RS232 or RS485 serial connection
    • UPS view-real time monitoring software
    • 10” color touch-screen operator interface
    • Programmable input and output contacts
    • Top/bottom cable entry
    • Back feed protection
    • Redundant Control Power
    • Monitoring and alarms for all critical components w/self-diagnostics
    • Voltage regulation and power factor correction
    • Harmonic cancellation
    • Static Bypass Switch
    • High Overload Capacity
    • Superior Power Conditioning
    • Redundant Cooling Fans

Optional Equipment

    • 24-volt DC, generator set starting power
    • 4-wire input and output
    • Remote status panel (8 status LED’s)
    • Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO)
    • Remote SNMP/MODBUS monitoring
    • Ability to parallel up to 7 systems
    • Redundant flywheel and UPS
    • External Synchronization input
    • Separate Bypass Input
    • External Maintenance Bypass Control
    • Field Expandable